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Life Coach Training Victoria Bc

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Healthy lifestyle is based on healthy habits, which becomes possible with the certain level of self-awareness, ability to change your environment, clear understanding of your values, self-compassion, and ability to tolerate unpleasant emotions.

What will you get from working with a Lifestyle Coach

With healthy lifestyle coach training you will get various benefits like:

  • Regular physical activity
  • Good eating habits
  • Increased self-esteem and well-being
  • Living by your values
  • Improved body awareness
  • Increased self-care and self-compassion
  • A positive relationship with your body
  • Healthy weight
  • Decreased stress
  • More satisfaction from life

You are not alone anymore! Get everything you require to succeed! Working with a life coach in Victoria BC can be a great investment, providing expert guidance to help you reach goals and discover a purposeful life path.

Healthy Lifestyle 12-Week Program

For living a healthy lifestyle there are many hidden factors that influence your relationship with your body, exercising and eating. During the program, you discover different obstacles that prevent you from living in balance with your body and your values and learn how to successfully overcome those obstacles.

Health coaching program enables you to have one-on-one sessions with your lifestyle fitness coach. Together, we work on incorporating safe, enjoyable physical activity in your daily life, minimizing stress, improving self-care, balancing emotional state, transforming mindset, and making your body image positive. All these sets you up on the way to your healthy lifestyle. And the great news that you will be able to stay on track after completing the program.

Elenea Muratova

Initial Fitness Consultation

One of the greatest challenges most people experience in starting anything new, and especially in fitness is getting started. As a result, some people delay months or years because they feel unsure about how to begin. Fortunately, it's easier than it looks to start along the path to a stronger, more fit, and healthier version of yourself. As a famous proverb goes, a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.

Let's Talk

Elena Muratova

Even though I was involved in elite sport for many years and developed healthy lifestyle habits in some areas, I had to find new ways to maintain them when I retired from professional sport. I also spent some time transforming my poor habits, which negatively affected my life.

I am happy to share the practical tools I gained from my experience, university degree, and continuing learning.

I'm here to help you and from my own personal experience, I know the nasty feeling of getting STUCK on the way to your dream. Even if you are putting in a lot of effort, it seems like your wheels are barely moving in the deep mud. You might also feel that you are out of fuel (energy, motivation) from all these never-ending efforts.

If you tried numerous approaches, but still aren’t close to your optimal well-being and fulfilling life, I am here offering my hand. I’ll take you into the tug and help you get to the surface, where you feel safe, strong, and happy. From that point, we will discover a personal unique path to your healthy lifestyle, which you will be able to comfortably follow, having all practical and working tools provided.


The fitness consultation can be held online, in the gym, or at your place. The lifestyle consultation is usually held online. We also can meet at your place.

It is great! I’ll be happy to combine these two consultations for you in one. Just let me know in advance that you want this option by sending me a text or email. We will spend a little bit less time on each part as we need to fit them into allocated time.  

The best option is to meet regularly once a week. First, the one week period is enough for accomplishing homework discussed at the previous consultation. Second, all ideas and discussion results are still fresh in your head from one week to the next. Saying that, understanding the different time and budget resources I am flexible to meet periodically on a custom schedule such as once every two weeks. Making small steps is better than standing still!

People usually get benefits even from meeting for guided exercises session once a week. Depending on your overall activity level and your goals, one session can suit you well. However, two or three sessions a week help you to reach your goals faster.

Yes, it is possible and even recommended. We can adapt a package for your specific needs and budget. Some clients prefer to meet for one lifestyle coaching and two fitness sessions each week. Others like to have a coaching sessions package and one fitness session where we go over an individual training plan with them. Then they follow this plan by themselves and have another training session in a month when the first plan is completed. Some people choose to have more training sessions and just a few lifestyle coaching sessions.

Yes, I can come to your home for training sessions or lifestyle consultations. Just keep in mind, that it is better to have a quiet space for lifestyle consultation, so you feel comfortable and are not distracted. 

I can come to your gym if it allows outside personal trainer. Please, check with your gym or fitness facility to make sure they will be okay with it.