Elena Muratova

Olympian, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Bestselling Autor

I always love to find out more about where people are coming from since it often shines a light on where they are now. So here are a few words about my family, sports and myself.

Both my parents are coaches. Figure skating is my mom's passion, and my dad is in love with downhill skiing. So love and passion for sport, exercise and movement is in my blood. I couldn't imagine my life without physical activity since I was a kid. Spending hours on skies or other training, I was also lucky to enjoy the immense benefits of sport: well-being, travelling, new friends, unique experience, and positive self-esteem.

I started to ski when I was 3 years old, but years later after wins and losses, injuries and recovery, competing in the Olympics, getting a degree in Sports science and moving to a new country, getting married, and getting certified in personal training here I am. I am still in love with exercising, still hustle in the gym and outside, but now my passion is appended with education and motivation that allows me to share my skillset with the amazing people that come to me to train, get healthier, and reach their goals.

Elena Muratova and her dad – Igor MuratovElena Muratova and her dad – Igor Muratov
In National Team UniformIn National Team Uniform
Mogul Training (360 jump)360 Jump at the mogul course
Olympic Village at Sochi 2014Olympic Village at Sochi 2014