Dieting or self-harm Physical training

Have you recently been planning to lose some extra pounds? When we want to lose weight, our first tendency is to diet - take fewer meals in quantity and frequency!!

But have you wondered about the repercussions of skipping meals? Have you ever thought about why qualified fitness consultants spend hours and hours of exercise?

In this blog, we will tell you how to lose weight most healthily without skipping your meals! We will show you ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Our body comprises water and organic compounds such as lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. Food is an essential part of our daily life as it gives us these nutrients. The correct diet has all the boxes of nutrients ticked!

Your body needs nutrients to create energy for all the organs to function correctly and keep you in a fitter shape. If you are not providing it with the proper nutrients during a specific time interval, it will produce low energy, making you feel fatigued!

Let us quickly look at some of the harmful effects of dieting!

  • The feeling of sickness, including nausea
  • Loss of hair along with dry scalp
  • Losing stamina, as well as muscle mass
  • Slowing down metabolism
  • Bad mental health might result in depression

Minnesota starvation experiment

Let us tell you about a study which happened in Minnesota Laboratory in 1950. This study is also called the Minnesota Starvation Experiment! For nine months, the scientists surveyed 36 psychologically and physiologically healthy men!

The study had two stages. In the first three months, participants' ate nourished meals and their eating patterns, sleeping patterns and personalities were studied.

In the last six months, the participants were given half of the calories for all the remaining months! They were observed and regularly interviewed! It was noticed that they were going through negative psychological changes in their well-being!

  • Firstly, drive for any other activity other than food decreased.
  • The favourite activity for the participants was to collect recipe books.
  • Even during the conversations, they used to talk only about food.
  • Their relationship and behaviour towards food changed as well.
  • Participants used to eat at the dining table before. But now, they would take away food in their rooms and eat it alone.

During the first stage, they quickly used to eat their food. However, in the second stage, participants took over 2 hours to consume the food. They were seen discussing how they would exhaust their daily food allowance.

Other than this, participants used to look for and consume food substitutes for their satisfaction! Participants started drinking over 15 cups of tea/coffee during the day! Hence, the scientists had to set a limit of 9 cups of tea/coffee. Several men who had not touched tobacco had started smoking in the 2nd phase. It was also observed that starvation caused a lot of emotional deterioration, and many participants suffered anger, anxiety, depression etc.

Similarly, the concentration and self-discipline of the participants decreased significantly. The behaviour of individuals changed to a lot of extents. Fun-loving individuals who were fond of socializing became recluses and isolated.

After nine months, the scientists concluded that eating lesser nutrients than required produces biochemical, physicochemical and psychological changes in human beings. That is the reason why participants behaved abnormally in the last six months.

Today, many people do self-starvation just to lose some pounds. This approach leads to physiological and psychological changes in their body. The following section will discuss practical solutions for a healthy weight loss programme!

Solution other than dieting

The best way to lose weight is to approach a personal trainer! During an initial consultation, your fitness consultant will help you to set a goal and give you a plan for achieving it. You’ll be given a weekly exercise plan and guidance for a healthy and nutritious diet. The personal trainer will also provide proper guidance while you exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
With the help of proper training and guidance, you will be able to lose weight without even having to starve yourself for food.
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Elena Muratova is a former Olympian, personal trainer, and lifestyle coach. She combines her passion and dedication to ensure you reach your fitness goals in a time-bound manner. Check the website for more details.