Benefits from Exercising

I think many of you know benefits from exercising. I just would like to refresh them.


  • better overall health
  • weight control
  • strong muscles and bones
  • good posture
  • a lot of energy
  • healthy heart, lungs, arteries
  • better sleep
  • great mood
  • improved self-esteem
  • good balance and coordination
  • less risk of injury
  • less tension in muscles
  • independent living in later life

This isn’t a full list. however, it does show how important is exercising. The body is created for movement. Muscle needs and thrives on activity. And as a result, they give us back great feeling and good health. There are many different types of exercising and activity. Everybody can choose something for his or her needs. Help your body! And I am sure you will feel results very soon!