The body which betrays you

Have you ever felt that your own body betrayed you? By being fat and ugly the body made your life much more challenging or even ruined it together with the hopes you had. It let you down despite all your efforts to succeed. You probably feel helpless in this situation. No hope, just despair. You don’t know what to do. Why is the world so unfair? Why does your own body make you suffer? But the worst thing is that you can’t see the way to escape. You distance yourself from your body by saying for example “I hate my fat” or “My body is too big”. In other words, you say that it’s not you, it’s your body who brings trouble. It makes sense, because without deep connection, you can avoid unpleasant feelings that bubble up. It is easier to ignore things you do not want to notice. You can also stay away from phrases such as “I hate myself” or “I am too big”, which make you more responsible for your life. This is just one of the strategies you have for dealing with different situations in your life. Probably the first time this strategy worked for you was many years ago. Disconnection with your body saved you at that moment, saved your mind. Separation was necessary. However, many things changed since that time and this strategy of holding distance with the body lost its effectiveness. Now it brings has more negative and stifling effects that those that help. You don’t need it anymore. Can you imagine yourself without your body? I believe it’s difficult to do, because your body is you – an integral whole. Like a pain, your fat is just a signal SOS for you. So is being in connection with your body, being one system, YOU can help yourself. YOU can find malfunction and fix it on your own or with assistance. Restore the connection and your body becomes slimmer! You can change your life! Assistance is here.