Eight Exercise Motivation Tips For Regular Workouts

Only regular exercising gives you all the benefits of physical activity. I prepared for you 8 tips on how to limit gaps between fitness sessions or other physical activities you want to do regularly. Do not wait for your exercise motivation to come, create it!  

Do the activities you enjoy.

#1. Do the activities you enjoy.

Answering the question “What do I like?” can be difficult for many people. However, by not having a clear understanding of your preferences, you prevent yourself from enjoyment. To learn your preferences for exercising, you need to explore different physical activities. Most of the classes, fitness sessions or other activities have a drop-in option or even free trial. If you like your physical activity, the chance that you stick to this activity is high.  

Exercise in schedule

#2. Put exercises in your schedule/calendar

By putting exercising in your schedule, you secure time for physical activities. It also prevents you from postponing exercising to a later time or even to the next day. When you have exercising in your schedule, you are mentally ready to be physically active on a particular day.

#3. Have a structure/plan

The training plan is a big help in motivation. Even I, who spend every day in a gym with clients, don’t exercise as often as I want without a training plan. It seems that exercising should be easier for me to do. However, without structure, I usually do not feel motivated for exercising. A check mark in my training plan brings me satisfaction and stimulates me to complete every training. Training or activity plan saves you from overwhelming feeling that is brought by many options and choices.

Proper Goal

#4. Set a proper goal

There is the difference between a goal and an intention. “I want to exercise regularly” is an intention or a desire. “I have twelve training sessions till October 15th, 2018” is a goal. When your goal has a specific number and timeframe, you have more motivation to accomplish it.

#5. Increase intensity gradually

I understand that sometimes you have a desire to exercise hard right from the beginning. “100% or nothing” is not a reliable approach to exercising. Most of the people who started exercise intensively right away, get injuries or quit physical activity after a short time. Start with exercising that appropriate for your current fitness level and gradually progress to the next levels. In this case, you more likely stick to an active lifestyle.

#6. Overcome things that prevent you from exercising

Sometimes people do not exercise because they feel shy, ashamed, scary and so on. They may not like to feel their body during physical activity or be afraid to injure themselves again. Forcing yourself to exercise without solving specific issue doesn’t make sense. You will have an unpleasant experience and probably will not come back. There is always a solution. For example, if you afraid of injuries or have some health issue, find a class, activity or trainer with knowledge and gentle approach.

Find accountability partner

#7. Find accountability partner

An accountability partner will motivate you for exercising a lot. It can be somebody who shares with you your exercising time: friend, family member, fitness trainer or even a sports team.

#8. Have everything ready for exercising

Sometimes poor running shoes or exercise ball without right firmness can prevent from regular activities.  Prepare everything you need for exercise in advance.