I am back to balance

I’ve recently started my new training program ))) I had a great desire to incorporate balance in my workout routine when I was creating the current plan.  I haven’t worked on my balance for a while. So I really enjoy it now. It is so cool!

Balance exercises affect many muscles at the same time. Big and small muscles of entire body work together to maintain position. You can burn more calories and diversify regular routine by adding a balance challenge.

Join stability is also increased by balance training. Ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joints become stronger and more stable.

Balance exercises improve mind-body connection. This decrease reaction time and as a result, risk of falls and injuries.

Core muscles stabilize the spine and maintain good posture.  They are always involved in each balance exercise, which make them stronger and prevent health problems.

Balance One
Balance Two

These are some photos from my yesterday workout. One leg squats with Swiss ball made my glutes so sore ))

What balance exercises do you prefer? What equipment do you usually use?