Important Stretches if You Have Sedentary Job

If you want to minimize negative impacts from sedentary work, stretching is a wonderful prevention or correction exercise. Even 5-10 min of stretching a day can improve your posture, decrease pain and tightness and give your joints better mobility.

Chest and Biceps Stretch

Stand facing the wall and place your hand on the wall at 45 degrees (photo 1a).  Gently rotate the whole body from the wall so that you with your side to the wall (photo 1b). Hold the stretch for 30 sec and switch the side. You can feel muscles at your chest, shoulder, upper arm and forearm.

Upper Back and Neck Stretch

In standing position place your hand behind the back (photo 2a). Bend your head to the right and slowly move the left arm to the right behind your back, pulling with your right hand (photo 2b). Hold the stretch for 30 sec and switch the side. You can experiment and find the most effective stretch for you by bending you head to the side and a little bit forward or to the side and a little bit backward.  

Chest and Rotator Cuff Stretch

Stand close to the wall corner or door frame. Bend your elbow at 90 degrees and place your hand on the wall/door frame (photo 3). Be sure that your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Lean forward with your upper body.  Hold the stretch for 30 sec, then stretch another side. 

Hamstring (back of the leg) Stretch

Sit on the floor with straight legs (photo 4a). Gently lean forward (photo 4b). If you can touch your toes, it is great. Hold the position for 30 sec. If you can’t reach your toes, no problem, just place your hands on ankle area or other part of your legs. Stretch legs for 30 sec. 

There is another variation – one leg hamstring stretch (photo 5). Before leaning forward, bend right leg and place right foot close to you left inner thigh. Then bent forward to your left leg. After holding stretch for 30 sec, switch leg.  

Hip Flexor Stretch

Stand in semi-lunge position with your left leg forward (photo 6a). Lift your right arm straight up and bent your upper body slightly to the left and a little bit backward (photo 6b). You suppose to feel stretching in your groin. Hold position for 30 sec and repeat the same with another side. 

You also can perform this stretch from the floor. Stand in lunge position with your left leg froward (photo 7a).  Follow the same instruction as during the standing hip flexor stretch (photo 7b). Stretch for 30 sec and change side.