Listen to your……body, when it’s calling for you.

All of us like to have warm relationships with others based on trust. It makes our lives happier and more interesting. We are always on the lookout for new good friends or a partner. We are eager to have strong relations. But aren’t you forgetting someone else in your relationship circle? Ooops! It is your body, the one, chances are, you often neglect and betray.  Did you not listen it? Did you not pay attention to that bad feeling or that weird pain? Did you not notice the ever persistent fatigue?

Your body is a “somebody” and a somebody you also need to have a strong connection with.

I did the same for a long time.. – didn’t pay attention, persistent neglect. I still do it sometimes. However, good news is, you can develop a new habit of a caring attitude towards your body. What for? For feeling energetic, strong, happy, and positive. For having enough resources to overcome obstacles and sad moments in your life.

Here are some examples of how you can practice this habit:

–    Hunger. During the day try to listen your body.  Try noticing moments when you are hungry, when your stomach send signals to you. 

Sometimes we are too busy that we forget about eating. We often also misunderstand signals – we eat when we are thirsty and actually need some water.

–    Full stomach. It is kind of an opposite of the idea above. 

Sometimes our stomach is full and we are not actually hungry but still eat. Answer the question “Am I actually hungry right now?”. Is it boredom that forces you to eat? Maybe you are nervous or stressed out. Maybe you are eating because your friends ordered something.

–    Muscle tension. During your workday and rest at home periodically pay attention to how your muscles are feeling. 

Is it a comfortable pose for you? Do you have any discomfort from sitting/standing in this position?

Maybe the height of your desk is not comfortable. Maybe the computer mouse causes you to bend your torso to one site. Maybe a pillow does not feel good for your neck.

–    Fatigue. Give the body some rest if you notice fatigue.

Are your eyes tired from computer? Do you want to have a nap? Sometimes even a 10-minute break allows you to feel much better and be more productive. What helps you relax and rest?

–    Discomfort or pain. These two are pretty important signals from our body. 

The body sends them not because it wants to make you unhappy or ruin your day. It is the ONLY way for your body to send a signal into your consciousness. It needs your help! Long term postponed relief can lead to more serious conditions.

Listen to your body! It isn’t your mind’s tool. Your body is YOU!