Stop fighting with food and fat! There is an easier way!

A beautiful body is a dream for a lot of people. Have you ever thought about changing something about your appearance? Have you ever tried?

People experiment with different diets, try different training plans. It can be helpful, but often it leads to disappointment.

I believe in an integrated approach to weight loss. Human body is so unique, everything is in a connection with something else. All of our body’s systems function together. So we can’t only observe ONE element of weight loss (e.g. focusing on diet). We should look at it as a whole.

Let’s talk about three main reasons of excess weight, which act together.

  1.  Psychological

    Some emotions force people to eat when they are not hungry. For example, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and boredom. Some of us can’t find other pleasure in life except eating. Other people use eating as a way to control their life.  All of these cause overeating. There are many psychological mechanisms which can lead to gained weight.

  2. Social

    We eat more in the presence of other people. Places where we live also effects our eating and activity choices. Our parent’s eating habits can easily stay with us forever. As children we copy their lifestyle, that may or may not be healthy.

  3. Biological

    Putting it simply, it is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.

    What is the way out?

    Be sure that you focus on ALL diverse reasons of weight gain. This approach makes the process of losing excess fat easier and provides stable results.

    Without identifying and overcoming your psychological barriers to an ideal weight, the weight loss process might be tough. Of course, you can be strict to yourself and follow a diet, but it creates additional emotional stress and makes your life a constant fight with fat and food.
    Why take this path if there is an easier one?

    Instead find out what unconscious benefits your mind derives from excess weight gain. Learn to better understand yourself and where the motivation to overeat comes from.

    Combine exercise for your mind with physical activity, healthy eating, and social support. You’ll be infinitely more successful than before.