Stop procrastination right now! Plan less and complete more!

How many time a day do you honestly feel short on time? How often do you look at your to-do list and realize that you barely covered half of it?? Do you feel drained and tired in the evening and just wish to have more hours in a day?

For a long time, I struggled trying to juggle various business and everyday routine life tasks, trying to accomplish as many things as I could. I did a lot in one day and then didn’t have the energy for next set of ideas the next. I just couldn’t convince myself to start. My to-do list seemed endless, growing and physically accumulating on my desk and in my head. The worst part was the guilty feeling of ‘didn’t do enough’ came back in the evening regardless of whether I did a lot that day or not. It was an interesting combination of disappointment in myself and anger for procrastination closing off with a feeling of restlessness.

Does it sound familiar? I found the secret escape door from this labyrinth of doing..doing..doing. Pay attention, because this practical advice is magical.

It will help you especially if:

  • You are very responsible
  • You always do things perfectly (at least, you always aim for the best)
  • You are hard on yourself
  • You are result-oriented
  • You struggle to say No to somebody or some commitment
  • You feel uncomfortable when you are free (always waiting for that rest but have know idea how to deal with it)

Are you ready? Let’s push that door open and escape to a happier and more productive life!

  • Make time for the rest. Fixate certain hours every workday and make certain day in the week your day off. Attention!!! No work tasks during this time. No thoughts about work. I know it may be challenging. Try to do it with the EXACT same effort as exert when you working hard ☺  You can start with a little time (do a few ‘rest’ reps) and progress to longer and longer amount of rest over time.
  • Decide on an exact fixed start time for certain task. Ready or not ready – do it on time you planned ahead. Preparation phase is good and important, but it can also be a source of procrastination where you never get to action. Set a necessary time for preparation and act when it is over.
  • Do the most difficult task in the beginning. It helps to increase daily satisfaction and take off the pressure of ‘so much ahead.’ As a result, you have more self esteem and energy for other things and tasks.
  • Use The Eisenhower Matrix (Urgent-Important Matrix). It helps to prioritize tasks by urgency and importance and decide which tasks you should either delegate or not do at all. I’ll give you just a quick look. If you are looking for a more comprehensive view, there is more information about this matrix online.

Using this table, divide all tasks in four parts (quadrants): Urgent and Important – Do First; Important and Less Urgent – Schedule; Urgent and Less Important – Delegate; Less Urgent and Less Important – Don’t Do at all.

Now you are ready to deal with your tasks as you have a better understanding of them.

  • Take perspective. If you work hard and do not have enough rest or time to do other things (visit to doctor, time with significant ones, exercising, hobbies and so on), are you physically and emotionally able to cope with high pace life during 1, 5, 10, 20 years? Live your life now. Positive results are guaranteed ☺
  • Write down your goals in detail. Divide each goal into semi-goals with a certain time frame to complete exact actions to complete. You can reach difficult goals if you consistently take small steps.
  • After a ‘not so pleasant’ or difficult task, do something you enjoy and love. Reward yourself!

The energy connects directly to our needs. If you ignore your reluctance and vital needs for the sake of productivity, you block your energy and increase a chance of procrastination.

I can’t = I don’t want

For having more energy, you need to have a balance between things you have to do and things you enjoy to do.

As always, train hard, but live in balance,