Want to lose weight? EAT!

What happens when you skip your meal.

To lose weight you need to eat.

Actually, it is true! Don’t be so surprised

You need to eat REGULARY. Food is a vital fuel for the body. I am sure you can agree with this statement. We need to consume certain amount of food to sustain proper functioning of all of our body systems.

So what happens if you skip a meal? After some time you are starving. And your body experiences huge stress. Then you eat too much food.

Imagine if your body could speak: “*sirens*emergency, I am dangerously low in nutrition and can’t sustain normal energy levels. SOS. I need food that is high in energy (calories)”. Then as you finally eat something: “wow, I survived! Hmmm, I need to store more energy in case this will happen again”. You continue to eat becuase your were sstarving. Your body things:”I have even too much energy now. What type of storage do I have.. Lets see.. muscles…no they don’t have enough room for energy. Liver…probably, but still not good for big supplies.. Ooooh, fat cells! Sounds amazing! They can easily grow in size and store energy for a long time!” The body solves the problem and is happy and content, and now you are upset because you probably overate after being hungry for many hours and gained weight.

Carbs are important for your brain functions.

This was not even the whole story. Guess what? You need to eat enough carbs, fat and protein.For example, when you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your brain suffers from shortage of fuel. It happens because the only source of food your brain can use for maintaining proper functioning is glucose (simple carbohydrates). It is CANNOT consume protein or fat. So be careful with strict diets that eliminate carbohydrates from the daily intake. Otherwise your brain can go into a mild shock. And as a result, you can experience bad mood, concentration problems and low energy.

To lose weight you need to eat regularly, and to eat enough vital nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates). Be careful with strict diets, they can cause many health problems. Undernourishment (or huge fluctuation in daily intake) as well as overeating – both create more problems that they solve (or more like pretend to solve).

“Thanks! I am happy and healthy!” are words you can hear from your body when you treat it well.