How to reach your goal?

The way from setting a goal to enjoyable moments after a goal was achieved might be challenging. Have you ever stopped in the middle or even at the beginning of this way? Have you ever set a goal and never realized it?

To enjoy many benefits from reached goals you need to set them properly in the very beginning. There are a few tips you can utilize while making, for example, your New Year resolution.

Focus not on the ultimate result but on the process.

“Being more active,” “Eat properly,” “Speak Spanish” and so on – all of these are examples of dreams or desires. These are also examples of ultimate results you want to reach. The process sounds more like “Run two times a week,” “Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day,” “Have a weekly Spanish lesson with a tutor.”

Have specific numbers.

For instance, instead of making “to run regularly” your goal, use a phrase such as “to run 30 minutes twice a week during two months”. In this case, your goal has the specific numbers “16 running sessions 30 minutes long”. It helps you to track your progress and maintain your motivation.

Have a timeframe.

Having start and end date for your goal is crucial. It brings discipline and purpose. Make sure that your timeframes are not very tight and you reserve some time in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Use past or presen tense.

Instead of future tense that is commonly used in goals setting, place present or past tense. For instance, change “I will take Spanish lesson weekly” to “I take Spanish lesson weekly”. It will give you more energy to accomplish your way to a goal.

Desire “I run regulary since January”
Goal “I did 16 runs 30 min each (twice a week) since January 14th till March 14th, 2019”

Choose something you can control.

For example, if you want to lose excess weight use a phrase “I exercise three times a week” instead of “I lose 2 pounds every week”. The first phrase is better because it is about your actions. In the second phrase, you can’t 100 % predict your weight loss rate or your metabolism rate. There are factors you can’t control. Using the second phrase for setting your goal, you have more chances to feel satisfied in the end. Even if you don’t lose as many pounds as you wanted (within the given time), you will accomplish your goal and feel proud anyway.

Track your progress.

You can track your progress, for instance by making notes at your phone or by marking as “done” fields in your visible progress table. Every time following your process and filling progress tracker you will be closer to your goal. You will really sense your progress and feel satisfied.